Nurse Call System Installation

Nurse Call Systems

The Electronic Service Company offer NZ approved nurse call systems & installation services for homes and aged care facilities across Invercargill. As any manager of an aged care facility will tell you, it imperative to ensure that if you have any elderly relatives or at risk patients staying with you, that the place is equipped with the necessary features to aid them. Some patients are prone to medical emergencies, they may require the supervision of nurses and medical professionals almost all the time. 

When not under the care of doctors and nurses, a person should be able to immediately and conveniently call for help, in case of emergencies. Nurse call systems are designed for this purpose. Emergencies are a part of an aged care facility’s daily operations. Patients are in delicate health, and are mostly unable to get out of their beds to call the attention of nurses or health care staff in the nearby area. 

Here at The Electronic Service Co, we offer installation services for various types of nurse call systems in NZ. We are a long-standing company based in Invercargill, and our services are backed with years of experience in a wide range of electronic devices and installing and maintaining these same systems. We have worked with for medical facilities, nursing homes and residences across Invercargill for years and are sure you will enjoy working with us. 

Our nurse call system installation services are what you need to provide a safe and efficient environment for the sick and the elderly.

Expertise in Nurse Call Systems

The Electronic Service Co. has a team of highly skilled technicians who have the expertise to install your systems and make sure they function perfectly, the way you need them to. We have been in this business for more than 20 years, so you can be confident that you are entrusting the job to a capable professional team.
For more information about our range of services, talk with one of our team today.
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